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Whether your hospital is considering a complete nurse-call system replacement to increase flexibility and reduce cost or simply looking for an inexpensive solution, Banning I.T. Solutions can assist you with your implementation.

Banning I.T. Solutions recognizes the need to eliminate communication challenges and improve nursing workflows. Whether you need to locate a nurse or respond to a patient’s request for pain medication, Banning can help you create one unified system for all your nurse-call needs, including:

  • Exchanging messages by voice and data
  • Locating a nurse through RTLS (Real-Time Location System)
  • Making two-way communication between patient and nurse / physician and nurse
  • Integrating heart monitors and other medical devices to alert nurses of a patient’s condition
  • Utilizing computer dashboards for real-time nurse location, room status, patient info and staff distributions
  • Integrating wireless communication within current infrastructure
  • Using IP based technology
  • Creating scalable systems that adjust according to demand
  • Enabling IT departments to manage and support solutions easily
  • Connecting systems to interact with other medical devices, such as HIS (Hospital Information System)